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bluebub library

A library for creating chat bubbles in JavaFX


  • JavaFX 11 or higher
  • Oracle JDK SE 8 or higher (in version 11 Oracle removed JavaFX from the JDK so get it manually)

What can I do with it?

Create nice chatbubbles is all colors and styles. example picture

How to use

Import the bluebub library to your JavaFX project. The bubble object is from the type Group so it can be added as a node.

 Bubble bubble = new Bubble(int x, int y, String text, String meta);

A bubble is creted as an object with the following parameters.

x and y are the coordinates where the bubble is supposed to go on the screen.

text is the actual text in the bubble.

meta is the gray small text in the lower left corner which can be used to display either a time, a name or checks ...