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FiMoGram - A Telegram home network monitoring bot

What is it?

fimogram is made for home network monitoring. It is combined with Telegram so you can easy access your home network from all over the world without an additional app.

Since you need to run your own Telegram bot it is useful to use a rasperry pi or something similar so your pc doesn't has to be up running all the time.


  1. git clone
  2. sudo python <your TelegramID> <your TelegramBotToken>
    1. For TelegramID message @getchat_idbot
    2. For BotToken message @BotFather
  3. sudo python


cmd description
/help show help
/start start bot
/sscan simple network scan
/ascan advanced network scan
/fscan full network scan
/check [hostname/WebURL/IP] check if device/website is online