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-# ims - ja, es stammt von der quickstartguide
+# The Information Management System
-Was der bums hier bis her machen soll:
+> This tool is so simple that most people don't understand how to use it.
-Fenster geht auf, es gibt eine textarea (ist-stand).
-Es soll ein Keylistener in controller geben, der die keycodes von gedrückten keys in die konsole printet.
-Als nächstes soll der Datenbank test aus database seine Nachricht bis auf die website bringen...
+#### Summary
+IMS is a database which stores all type of things. It is like a notes app on steroids and without any structure. Docs, Text, ... are saved as a "note" and are indexed so they can be found by using a search.
-## Re-compile automatically
+### More About
-To recompile automatically and to allow using [electron-reload](, run this in a separate terminal:
+So as the summary explains it is a database which doesn't have any structure. Things are just stored and indexed and found again by a search.
-npm run watch
+We save the notes
+`"This is an Apple."`
+`" is the website of a huge company."`
+After saving those we can now "query" the database as following
+_indexing: words_
+search:   "apple"
+result:   "This is an Apple."
+          " is the website of a huge company."
+search:   "This company"
+result:   " is the website of a huge company."
+If certain notes should be grouped it is whise to use hashtags (e.g #WeLoveTurtles or #work) fot tieing them together.
+For now that it's here since we are in development. If you want you can read [here]( about an older IMS version which was slightly different but had the sam fundamentals.