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The Information Management System

This tool is so simple that most people don't understand how to use it.


IMS is a database which stores all type of things. It is like a notes app on steroids and without any structure. Docs, Text, ... are saved as a "note" and are indexed so they can be found by using a search.

More About

So as the summary explains it is a database which doesn't have any structure. Things are just stored and indexed and found again by a search.


We save the notes

"This is an Apple." " is the website of a huge company."

After saving those we can now "query" the database as following

indexing: words

search:   "apple"
result:   "This is an Apple."
          " is the website of a huge company."

search:   "This company"
result:   " is the website of a huge company."

If certain notes should be grouped it is whise to use hashtags (e.g #WeLoveTurtles or #work) fot tieing them together.

For now that it's here since we are in development. If you want you can read here about an older IMS version which was slightly different but had the sam fundamentals.